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What are some good features to add if you're building a new swimming pool in Encinitas?

What are good features to add? Invisible ones, that make your pool more durable and easier to operate!

People buy pools, because of how they imagine they will look, or how much they imagine they will enjoy them. But then they end up HATING them, because of how they work!
Unfortunately, most of the things that make pools work better are invisible to the inexperienced pool owner. Nevertheless, there are a few things you to do to make it more likely you’ll STILL like your pool after you’ve had it a year or so:

  • Pressure-rated rigid PVC piping. (No flex, EVER!!!!)
  • Side mount valve for sand filters. (Top mount valves make the filter impractical to service!)
  • Electro-mechanical controls, instead of electronic ones (Electronic ones are unreliable and unserviceable. They rarely work after the first year.)
  • High quality ball valves on the piping. (In the USA, +GF+ brand valves are the only ones I’ve seen remain fully functional after 10 years of use.)
  • Separate pumps for the primary circulation and the ‘features’. (Features — like overflows, fountains, jets, in-floor cleaning systems, etc ROUTINELY fail after a few years. If you have combined piping, your whole pool FAILS or becomes a nightmare to operate. But if you have separate piping and pumps, it continues to work just fine . . . minus the ‘feature’!)
  • For reasons to complex to explain here, undersized PUMPS and oversized FILTERS are GOOD, but horsepower is ‘sales-sexy’ so many pool owners end up with oversized PUMPS and undersized FILTERS . . . which is VERY BAD.
  • . . . and so on.
With respect to actual ‘features’
  • Most people use their deck more than their pool, and many end up regretting the small deck they purchased.
  • Swimout steps (instead of ladders!) and play areas are often used a LOT, especially with small children or during parties.
  • If you want your children to learn to SWIM, a deep end is critically important, and does NOT increase operating expenses significantly. If you have no deep end, your children will learn to bob or wade, but not swim.

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What are some important design factors in swimming pool construction?

Whether you schedule a pool remodeling or hire pool builders to build a brand new swimming pool, you will need to start by designing your pool. The standard rectangle is always an option, but there are many other popular swimming pool designs in Tampa for you to consider. The pool will be the major visual element in your backyard, so you make sure you choose something that complements the design of your home. The three major factors to consider when it comes to pool designs are:
Pool size is the aspect where you have the least choice and flexibility. The size of your yard determines how large your pool can be.
Many older pools are shaped like rectangles, though usually they have cut or rounded corners to create a less linear visual impact. If you swim laps as exercise and want to install a pool primarily for this purpose, a rectangle shape will suit your need best.

How difficult is it to maintain a swimming pool?

It’s not overly difficult. Just do a little bit every week, with the right set of chemicals, and it’s fairly easy. I compared it to a farmer friend like taking care of a couple of cows once - you need to know what to do, but when you do that it’s not overly difficult.

You need a good filtering unit, the right chemicals and a tester. I’d also recommend a bucket or two, a water vacuum (mine plugs into the filter), and a good night cover, preferably one that drains water away from the pool.

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What does it cost to build a swimming pool?

The average cost to install an inground pool is $40,000 with most homeowners spending between $30k-65k. The additional cost of pool ownership for basic maintenance, increased utilities, and repairs should also be considered..

Buying any swimming pool is a major investment, so it makes sense to do your research to find out exactly how much your new inground pool will cost. Picking out the shape and the color are the fun parts. But just as important is who is going to install your pool, who is going to design and develop your backyard oasis and how you are going to care for it. Making all of these decisions correctly will ensure that you will have a pool that it lasts a lifetime and fits within your budget.

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What are some common swimming pool construction problems?

Many people are not aware that they get a beautiful pool at the end but the team of swimming pool contractors in Encinitas must undergo a lot of stress and issues when they are constructing a swimming pool. The main reason for having these common problems is that the pool construction company is not worth hiring. But only with the best constructors like Encinitas Custom Pool Builders; the below-mentioned problems will never develop.
1. The surface of the pool is very rough.
2. Cracks in the structure and surface.
3. Maintenance issues occur more often.
4. Plaster in the inner surface of the pool peels off and loses color.
5. Parts of the swimming pool breaks off.

The BEST option is to leave it to the pros. Let Beaverton Pools deal with all that for you. Give us a call and we can walk you through it..

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