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Encinitas Pool Construction Step by Step

As you know (or are about to know) three basic in-ground pool types exist. Each of the options from fiberglass, vinyl liners, and concrete (gunite) have different pros and cons. 

This guide will note where steps change for each type but the overall process remains largely the same.

You proceed through the steps sequentially and each builds on the previous. 


The first step to inground pool construction is choosing what to build. Planning provides you with a chance to shoot for the moon in terms of exactly what style and look you want. It also gives you the hard facts on whether your dream is possible.

Planning takes into account the area the pool will cover and its volume. You need this information when coordinating the filtration, warming, and cleaning systems. 

Depending on the area you place the pool, depth and various underground structures may create problems.

Finally, your plan will account for the costs of materials and length of time it takes to complete building a swimming pools main body. Landscaping to complete the look you have in mind doesn’t necessarily factor into pool construction time.

Prep Work

Now that you know what you want and what it will take to get it, you also need to get approval. Secure building permits to ensure your plans fit with local codes and guidelines.

Acquiring a permit requires that you show you have planned for proper safety standards. You also need to show the pool is not cutting off access to utility lines.

The area for construction gets marked off in this step. Clear any access routes for equipment and mark off work areas. Depending on your situation, secure HOA approval.

Different areas require different pre-construction accommodations. One common fixture is temporary barriers. This helps protect the job site from outside contamination. It also keeps the job site contained from spilling out into the world. 


With all the prep work done, the single easiest step can get underway. That’s right, it’s time to dig a big hole!

Excavation starts with a backhoe or other digging machine and then finishes up with old fashioned shovel work.

Soil doesn’t compact evenly or always cooperate. Be prepared in this step to shore up and move some earth around to get things even.


Now you come to the fork in the process. The type of material effects inground pool construction at this stage.

For concrete and vinyl liners you construct frames. This will create the basic structure of the pool with some space on the outside to work the plumbing systems.

Concrete requires a combination of plywood walls and rebar grids. Vinyl liners use wood or metal walls to etch out the external structure. 

A fiberglass installation places a pre-formed structure into the hole outright. The area around the fiberglass shell is then filled in to bolster it.


With the structures and shape of the pool in place, the plumbing, heating, and filtration systems need connecting.

These systems need to connect to different points in the completed pool. You lay out and partially install in conjunction with the completion of the structures.

Again, a fiberglass shell is nearly complete at this step, so system connections get done all at once.

Systems include:

  • Pumps and motors
  • Backwash drain
  • Return inlet
  • Filters
  • External drains (and covers)
  • Internal drains (and covers)

The accompanying pipes and wires conduits also get laid out. All of this sounds complicated but is one of the fastest steps in the how to build a pool process. 


With everything in place, the structures get filled in.

For vinyl liners, materials get attached to the walls. For best add an additional layer of foam padding or insulation.

Builders then pour a concrete floor. The pouring process requires several passes to ensure a smooth and flat surface. 

Concrete structures start with pouring concrete into the wall molds. Once the walls set and cure, the floor pour begins. The completed shell can be lined with other materials, such as vinyl, or finished with plaster and tile. 

The construction step takes the longest of any step (outside of planning) as the crew stops and confirms elements are level and set properly.


The systems get tested once the construction is complete. Realistically, the components testing occurs before installation as well.

The difference here is testing under load and to ensure all the connections are in place.


With all other steps complete and the green light given, the pool is filled. Another round of testing confirms that all the systems perform as needed. 


Now you install safety devices. Safety is important to the enjoyment of a pool and to fulfill necessary permit guidelines.

Pool enclosures and covers both protect the pool and others around the pool when not in use.

Finishing Touches 

Decorative landscaping and additional decking finish your dream vision of a pool.

External lighting sets off your pool for some night swimming. Internal lighting effects are best installed with the other systems.

Build It Now

Now you have the whole process of how to build a pool locked in. Pool construction takes an average of 6-8 weeks after the planning phase.

Imagine a beautiful pool sprucing up your backyard. The cool refreshing water ready when you want to entertain or relax. A few weeks of intense construction are a small hurdle for the benefits. 

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